David Lynch says a fourth season of Twin Peaks a possibility!

So, David Lynch and Mark Frost's TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN has been out for months now, with the series having garnered mixed-to-favorable reviews. I personally had mixed feelings myself. I loved a lot of things (like the nuclear imagery), and hated other aspects (like everything with Dougie), but overall felt pretty positively about it. Oh, except the ending, though, which while philosophically and tonally appropriate, was just a bummer to witness after spending nearly an entire day binging the show.

Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter did an interview with Lynch (which is fascinating by the way), which had eventually revealed a tantalizing tidbit near the end. When asked if he would be willing to return for another season of TWIN PEAKS, Lynch stated the following:

I don't know. It's too early to say that right now...I've learned never say never.

So there you have it! Now, that of course is anything but a confirmation, but the fact that it's also a possibility is encouraging. Like I said, I was lukewarm about the third season, and felt it very hit-or-miss. But when it hit, it hit, and while it'd be hard to completely spoil the ending out-of-context, it did feel like there was still some more story to tell.

So what do you Schmoes think about the possibility of there being a fourth season of TWIN PEAKS?

Extra Tidbit: Green-gloved guy was my favorite new TWIN PEAKS character.
Source: THR



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