David Mamet meets Stephen Colbert and comic writer Brian Michael Bendis; interviews happen

David Mamet can write like hell (see for yourself, though you really shouldn't need to), but who knew he could also... doodle?

Mamet has collected some of his art into a graphic novel called "The Trials of Roderick Spode, The Human Ant", thereby giving Comic Book Resources a perfect opportunity to interview the renowned screenwriter / playwright / director. The assignment was handed to the comic writer most influenced by Mamet, prolific scribe Brian Michael Bendis (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, AVENGERS, etc.).

The discussion covers Mamet's personal history with comics, his favorites ("After Batman and Superman, it's Green Lantern and the Flash and Plastic Man. Those kinds of guys."), how he got into drawing and its practical application to filmmaking. A sample:

Bendis: Now, the book we're talking about is "The Trials of Roderick Spode, 'The Human Ant.'" And it's a satire of the superhero genre I'd say, on one level.

Mamet: I think it's more of an homage than a satire, to my mind, the difference being that it's done with a bunch of love. When I was a kid, there was a book I'm sure you've heard of called "The Seduction of the Innocent" that came out in the '50s, so the whole idea was just like Doctor Spock telling parents, "Comic books are bad for you." Of course, we kids knew differently, and as an ex-kid I continue to know differently now. I have nothing but love for comic books.

Check out the whole interview HERE.

Mamet also stopped by "The Colbert Report" last week to discuss his latest play (starring Dennis Haysbert and Eddie Izzard), only to declare the "death" of theater and announce the uselessness of directors. One thing about Mamet: he's always candid.

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Extra Tidbit: One of Mamet's regulars, actor/magician Ricky Jay, should be in every movie.
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