David O. Russell and Spike Jonze talk about The Fighter

For those of you who have a little downtime at work, you might want to check this out.

During the reopening of The Museum of the Moving Image, a special screening of THE FIGHTER was shown. Afterwards, David O. Russell with friend and fellow director Spike Jonze talked about the film.

This is part of the ongoing retrospective for the director that the museum is hosting. January 19 through February 6, Moving Image will screen each of O. Russell's films: SPANKING THE MONKEY, FLIRTING WITH DISASTER, THREE KINGS, and I HEART HUCKABEES.

Sadly, there's no video, but you can access the audio by clicking on the pic of the two directors below.

"On the opening night (Jan. 19th) of his retrospective at Museum of the Moving Image, director David O. Russell (The Fighter, Spanking the Monkey, Flirting With Disaster, Three Kings, and I Heart Huckabees) was interviewed by his friend, director Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich), following a special screening of The Fighter. The conversation, like their films, was unpredictable and unforgettable, and filled with surprises. It was part of the opening programs at the Museum's expanded and transformed building."

Extra Tidbit: Which film screening of O. Russell's would you attend?



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