David O. Russell finally departs Nailed, new director to be hired

David O. Russell's comedy NAILED, starring Jessica Biel as a sex-addicted waitress, has been lying dormant for over two years. Production began in April of 2008 and after trouble on set (James Caan reportedly quit halfway through after arguments with Russell), financing on the film fell through and the half-finished project went into limbo. Now, after numerous legal entanglements have been settled, Russell is officially off the film.

"This has been a painful process," Russell said adding, "I, unfortunately, am no longer involved in the project and cannot call it 'my' film." How did it get this bad?

Well it's mostly a boring story but the basic gist of it is that the film had financial issues and to help clear it up, financiers tried squeezing producers Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher (who are no slouches and have won an Oscar for GLADIATOR) out of at least half of their fees. Russell said he couldn't support the deal and renegotiations broke down. The rights-holders of the film are expected to hire a new director to finish the project.

Cast members who haven't finished their work on the film, like Jessica Biel and Tracy Morgan, are contractually obligated to return once production begins again. Jake Gyllenhaal, who was starring alongside Biel, appears to have finished his scenes and won't be brought back.

Extra Tidbit: The film was co-written by Al Gore's daughter Kristin Gore.
Source: THR



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