David Tennant's Kilgrave will return for Jessica Jones season two

Just when you thought Kilgrave was gone, they pull him back in…and he looks more dapper than ever.

The telepathic villain (David Tennant) from the hit Netflix/Marvel show JESSICA JONES was defeated at the end of the series by the titular hero (played by Krysten Ritter), but that doesn’t necessarily mean the hero is 100 percent rid of him. Thanks to an exclusive from EW it can now be confirmed that the man in purple will indeed return for season 2.

Here is a photo of the two on the set of the new season, and though they may be happy now they were going at it moments before the picture was taken. Have to keep a good face for the public, you know?

Marvel is, of course, keeping things under wrap as far as Tennant’s full involvement is concerned, but as we saw at the end of the first season of JONES the character met a rather painful end when Jones was able to rid herself of his mind-control over her, and she effectively snapped his neck. That may be a bit hard to come back from, but if anyone can do it it’s a man in a fancy purple suit.

I liked Tennant a lot in JONES, as he brought this devilish, serpentine quality to the character that made him enticing to watch. I don’t think he will have a massive role in the new season, but given the role he has in Jones’ life perhaps it’s not as easy for her to be rid of him as she thought. Perhaps he comes back in the form of some recurring hallucination, or maybe some nightmares. I can’t really say, but I’m ready to see more of him in whatever capacity that is.

JESSICA JONES season two will hit Netflix sometime in 2018.

Source: EW



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