David Yates to direct an adaptation of Who is Jake Ellis?

HARRY POTTER helmer David Yates has been hired to take on an adaptation of Image Comics' WHO IS JAKE ELLIS?

The story written by Nathan Edmonson was described as, get this, "as having elements of Bourne, Memento and Fight Club, the story follows Jon Moore, a former CIA analyst and mercenary spy on the run, protected only by the mysterious title character "Jake Ellis," a man seemingly invisible to everyone except Jon, but who has a unique knowledge of tradecraft that Jon desperately needs." So it must be pretty freaking amazing, right? Actually, it has a ton of great reviews. I've seen this on shelves but never heard anything about it until now. There are a couple of people that have stated it as "essential reading".

Fox recently required the rights to the comic, and after picking up Yates are looking to find a writer. You know anyone who needs a job?

Yates is currently working on the TARZAN flick with Alexander Skarsgard and Christoph Waltz. The film is still looking for cast members to fill other roles. Shooting will begin on that project sometime early next year.

Source: THR



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