Dazzler confirmed to appear in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

One thing the X-Men universe doesn’t have is a shortage of mutant heroes, villains and garden-variety street vendors. Though there’s the main cast of characters (Professor X, Jean Grey, Cyclops, etc.) the movies have more than enough space to give a little shout-out to the less-renowned mutants. The upcoming X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX will include one of these characters, and needless to say she sure is dazzling.

EW confirmed today that the mutant known as Dazzler will be making an appearance in the next entry of the X-MEN saga. The character is a famous pop star in the X-Men universe and has the power to manipulate light, and can convert it into energy beams. The character has already been sort of introduced into the movie world, with the character's album being referenced in a deleted scene from X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Star Sophie Turner posted a screenshot of the scene last year:

Though many of you may be wondering how exactly the singing sensation will fit into the universe, EW mentions the character will only have a small role in the movie, with no word yet on casting. Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and more are slated to return for the movie, with Jessica Chastain set to play the movie’s villain, Lilandra.

What’s unique about the X-Men universe is there are so many mutants it allows for a vast variety of characters to pop in and out, if only to flesh out the world to make it feel more like you’re glimpsing into an alternate world. I have no clue as to what role Dazzler plays in the X-Men comic universe, but based off the description alone it could make for a fun cameo to be played by a real, famous pop star (the caption on Turner’s Instagram led many to believe Taylor Swift was originally cast in the role). At least now we know DARK PHOENIX will be the lightest of the series. I...uh...sorry.

X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX is set for November 2, 2018.

Source: EW



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