DC and Warner Bros to release two lower budgeted comic book movies a year

As Marvel and Disney continue to pump out $100 million budgeted movies like IRON MAN 3 and THOR: THE DARK WORLD, DC and Warner Bros are taking a much more calculated approach to rolling out their cinematic universe. Aside from the big JUSTICE LEAGUE characters, most DC comics are not known enough to the average movie-goer to warrant a movie that costs that much. So, DC has a plan to make it work.

According to Bleeding Cool, DC's big announcement for 2014 will be that they plan to release two comic book movies a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Aside from BATMAN VS SUPERMAN and the potential WONDER WOMAN, FLASH, and AQUAMAN movies, DC is working on adaptations of Suicide Squad, Booster Gold, Deathstroke, Team 7, and more. These will be smaller budgeted films with a range of $20-40 million which will allow DC and WB to have a much better chance of recouping their costs while also populating a cinematic universe.

Screen Rant also thinks that David Goyer's recent first look deal with Warner Bros. may mean that he is being brought in to shepherd the DC universe on the big screen much like how Kevin Feige has for Disney and Mark Millar for 20th Century Fox. This would also include potential Vertigo movies such as SANDMAN and FABLES which we have been hearing more about in recent months.

I love the idea that not every DC film has to be on budget par with Marvel's films. Marvel has proven their movies will be #1 at the box office with each release, but they still have calculated risks coming in the form of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and any lesser known heroes they plan to give their own films. DC can easily make movies with the scope of the BLADE films and deliver a quality project, assuming the right filmmakers are brought in.

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN is the next DC film slated for July 17, 2015. Stay tuned for further announcements of these smaller films.

Suicide Squad, Booster Gold, Deathstroke, Team 7



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