DC Entertainment reveals new logo and branding

DC Entertainment (or DC Comics as many of you may know them as) has just revealed their new logo and brand identity makeover and it’s a fairly impressive concept.

“Now that our audience has exploded beyond just a readership, we needed a way of making a more consistent connection between our properties and their parent brands,” says John Rood, DC Entertainment’s executive vice president of sales, marketing, and business development.

“The peel element can tie back to the storytelling content or character we’re showcasing, and leverage those colors. The 'C’ can be a vessel to showcase stories and character. It’s unexpected, requires a little thinking and some storytelling behind that mark,” says Amit Desai, senior vice president of franchise management.

DC Entertainment is working hard to compete with Marvel Entertainment, who has had tremendous success with transitioning their properties to other mediums, especially in film. With last years lackluster performance of GREEN LANTERN and the underwhelming SUPERMAN RETURNS in 2006, DC has a lot to contend with as Marvel has already seen tremendous success with its franchises, leading directly into this summers THE AVENGERS .

However, DC has a little film called THE DARK KNIGHT RISES coming out and it’s massive built-in audience will absolutely give Marvel a run for its money.

DC also had tremendous success this past September when they “rebooted” their entire comics line, starting with all new #1 issues, called the New 52 (although Marvel still leads the market share.)

The company will roll out the new identity and logo in phases, starting with comics in March and then transitioning to all entertainment products, including film and television, which means we’ll likely see this new logo in action over THE DARK KNIGHT RISES when it hits theaters this summer.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a Marvel, DC, or both?
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