DC Super Hero Girls is coming to Cartoon Network in a new series

Would believe me if I told you that I own a DC Super Hero Girls brand cape, and that sometimes I wear it around the house just to feel special? It's true, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, either. It was gifted to me by the kind people of DC Comics in 2012 while roaming the New York City Comic Con floor in search of fun and adventure. I had the idea of giving it to my niece as a present, but then I felt the soft material around my neck and said, "Nah. She can go wanting." I know, I'm a monster.

Today, it's been announced that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have begun production on a DC SUPER HERO GIRLS TV series, which will debut on Cartoon Network some time in 2018!

Allow me to probably not be the first person to say this but, it's about damn time! The DC SUPER HERO GIRLS have been all over department store shelves for the past several months, adding some much needed color and badassery to those gender-identity-crippling, powder pink "girls" toy aisles. Oh, and the digital (and print) comic book series penned by Shea Fontana with art by Yancey Labat ain't half bad either. Furthermore, if you're interested, you should totally check out the DC SUPER HERO GIRLS direct-to-video movies and digital webisodes that arrived in 2015. 

As per the official press release, the series will feature “fresh character designs and storytelling” from Emmy Award–winning producer Lauren Faust (MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC). The series will be executively produced by Warner Bros. Animation chief Sam Register, who is also the ringleader of the currently-running TEEN TITANS GO! and JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION, also on Cartoon Network. In regard to the characters being teased to appear in the series, we got: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Zatanna, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, Katana and Harley Quinn, with several more expected to join the program as it gets underway. 

Here's the official word from the press release:

The world may know them as Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl, but not-so-typical teenagers Diana, Kara and Barbara, alongside their Super Hero friends have much more to deal with than just protecting the citizens of Metropolis from some of the most sinister school-aged Super-Villains of the DC Universe. After all, being teens is tough enough, what with school, friends, family and the chaos that comes with managing a social life. . But add super powers and a secret identity to the mix, and things can get a lot more complicated.

Sure, gal pals Bumblebee, Zatanna and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz are always there to lend an ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a fist to punch with, and their bros in the Justice League amp up the fun whether they’re at a concert or taking down a crime ring. But what happens when Diana and her favorite study buddy and fencing partner, Tatsu, can’t agree on how to dole out justice as Wonder Woman and Katana? Or when Barbara finds out her Gotham-Con bestie is teen-fiend Harley Quinn? Along with all their friends, foes and frenemies, this squad of super teens navigates the unique growing pains that come when you’re a teenager trying to fight the battles of the world and the battles of growing up at the same time.

Obviously, the DC SUPER HERO GIRLS line is directed at young girls, but that shouldn't be an excuse for any young male comic book fans not to check it out as well. The fact of the matter is that both men and women kick ass in the pages of comic books every Wednesday, and when it comes to defeating evil, justice knows no gender. As someone whose all-time favorite comic book characters are (nearly) all women, I stand in full-support of DC SUPER HERO GIRLS moving up the ladder and into the spotlight they so deserve.

Rock on, DC, keep making these progressive moves and perhaps it will help salve the wound left by your incredibly naive comments that your line of comics are primarily meant to be enjoyed by male readers. Are you kidding me with that garbage? Wake up and smell the sulfur left from that battlefield where Wonder Woman just trampled an entire battalion of enemy troops.

Oh, and in case you can't wait for this show to hit the airwaves, why not take the little ones to see WONDER WOMAN when she smash-lands in theaters beginning on June 2, 2017?

Extra Tidbit: At the time of her inception, Harley Quinn wasn't supposed to be a recurring character of the DC universe. The reaction to her was so strong that the creators were left with little choice but to expand her role.
Source: CBR.com



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