DC superhero Booster Gold getting his own movie from Greg Berlanti

Greg Berlanti is currently the guru producer behind the CW superhero shows (like FLASH and ARROW), and...the GREEN LANTERN film. However, it seems that the Movie Gods have given Berlanti a second chance in the superhero film world, only this time as director of a BOOSTER GOLD feature film.

Booster Gold is a semi-obscure hero whose popularity has been growing steadily (thanks in large part to an extended cameo in the JUSTICE LEAGUE: UNLIMITED animated series and his close relationship with Blue Beetle in the comics). He's an air-headed, comedic superhero with a somewhat unique origin. You see, Booster Gold was originally a janitor at a superhero museum in the 25th Century, who steals a super-suit and uses a time machine to travel in the present and seek glory. Through the run of the comics, personal tragedies force him to become the hero he only originally pretended to be. 

That seems like a decent set up for a superhero movie - asshole gloryhog becomes actual hero (even if it's somewhat reminiscent of Tony Stark's arc). However, as Booster Gold is a DC hero, will his somewhat goofy origin and comedic persona work in the grim-'n-gritty DCEU? 

No! At least, that's what director Greg Berlanti says. In fact, he straight up said in an interview with Vulture

As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds...It'd be a separate thing.

This is somewhat surprising to hear, as more light-hearted superheroes, namely FLASH (with a script outline by 21 JUMP STREET'S Phil Lord and Christopher Miller) and SHAZAM (a movie about a ten-year-old kid who can transform to a superhero) are both going to be in-continuity. 

However, SUICIDE SQUAD began out-of-continuity (as was SHAZAM), so how long this sticks will remain to be seen. I personally would like to see him in-continuity, because I think one of the best things about comic-books is contrast: magic alongside super-science, dark brooders next to shining paragons, mythical creatures palling around with aliens, etc. So I think having Booster Gold in the midst of an ostensibly dark, gritty world would be fun, and you could do a lot with that contrasting of personalities. But that's just me.  

There is no release date as of yet, but Berlanti and a fellow FLASH TV show writer are working hard on the script.

So any Booster Gold fans out there? And if so, you guys excited for the new film? 

Extra Tidbit: Booster Gold made his first live-action debut in an episode of SMALLVILLE.
Source: Vulture



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