De Bont directs "Courier"

Jan De Bont used to know how to make a pretty freaking cool action flick.  Even before his directorial debut on SPEED (which, like it or love it, was a very influential and memorable film), he worked as the cinematographer on such classics as DIE HARD, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER and LEONARD PART 6.  OK, maybe LEONARD should've been an omen of bad things to come but things really have gone downhill for the poor guy.  TWISTER was a big hit but was critically lambasted.  Then came SPEED 2.  The mother of all bad movies that was nominated for 8 Razzies.  Follow that up with THE HAUNTING, a film that was so bad it reportedly made Steven Spielberg go postal on De Bont in post-production and personally reshoot and reedit parts of the film.  In other words, De Bont needs a hit.  And bad.

The man will get his chance with his next directorial effort THE COURIER.  An action/suspense film, it follows a man who makes his deliveries to "anyone anywhere with no questions asked."  As one of his new assignments, he must deliver a package to a crime lord who many consider to be impossible to locate.  At one time Brad Pitt was to star in the project, but that was over three years ago and he likely has moved on to bigger and better things.  The script was written by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas who last teamed up on the Billy Zane TV movie "Invincible."  So can De Bont make it happen?  He is producing MINORITY REPORT with Spielberg so maybe he's taking notes from the master.  And hey, could it be any worse than SPEED 2 or THE HAUNTING?

Source: Variety
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