De Niro gets director

If you've seen his film SEXY BEAST or perhaps his videos for bands like Radiohead, you know Jonathan Glazer is one hell of a director.  The man's got a distinct visual style that had Hollywood producers clammoring to get him to follow-up BEAST with their projects.   While many people may have come calling, when Robert De Niro calls, you listen.   And so, Glazer has signed on to direct the De Niro produced film CHAOS, based on the 1999 Japanese film.  Glazer and his BEAST screenwriter Andrew Bovell will reteam for the film in which De Niro and Benecio Del Toro are in talks to star.  CHAOS follows a kidnapper (Del Toro) whose victim, a rich businessman's (De Niro) wife, unexpectedly and mysteriously turns up dead.  The original Japanese film, KAOSU, was directed by Hideo Nakata who has another US remake of one of his films coming up; the thriller RING, based on his RINGU, will be released by DreamWorks this Halloween.

Source: Variety
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