DEADEN coming soon!!

I'm feeling a little bitter-sweet in reporting this bit of news, but I'm gonna say it anyway. John Fallon's (aka the Arrow) film DEADEN (formerly titled PAIN KILLER) has sold its US distribution rights to the Maverick Entertainment Group and will likely be seen on tons of DVD shelves come summer 2007. The film has been a monster success ever since its debut at the Sitges Film Festival in October, with nothing but positive reviews across the board and lots of interest.

I'm feeling bitter-sweet because it looks as though my buddy John will be heading to greener pastures with all this success, so he might not be able to spend as much time on his awesome horror site ARROW IN THE HEAD. I hope not, but at the same time, the man deserves all this great success, and I only hope that he doesn't go completely nuts in Hollywood! For those who don't know, he wrote, co-produced and stars in this movie.

Major props to him and director Christian Viel for pulling off this awesome feat, putting their f*ckin' hard work where their mouths are, and making a friggin' movie that genre fanatics seem to be diggin' on'! Lots of folks like to "talk" about writing and making movies (and criticizing others), but these f*ckers did it and did it well. Take a bow, gents!

Below are only a few of the many positive quotes from people in the biz who've seen the movie, and you can also check out a number of the solid reviews for the film on these sites as well: Bloody Disgusting / Dread Central / Beyond Hollywood / Wheels of Terror / Movie Picture Film and a number of user reviews at the IMDB.

"I would call DEADEN a brutal, gripping, '70s-style revenge flick! Christian Viel shows prodigious energy and style as a director and John Fallon's performance was very impressive -- he succeeded in making us identify with Rane, retaining that necessary modicum of likeability, even when the character commits fairly repulsive (if arguably justified) acts of violence." - Don Mancini, writer/director Child's Play series)

"The film is not only RAW and BRUTAL - it's unforgiving - a nice change of pace from the cookie cutter action films as of late. Being a fan of horror - and even more so a fan of gore I was shocked when I saw myself turning away from a couple of scenes in DEADEN. I thought I was sick but I can't hold a candle to the opening scene in this film!" -- Darren Bousman, director (SAW II / SAW III)

"Forget Arrow in the Head, DEADEN is a ballistic missile to the brain. It's a dark, vicious revenge flick that makes Death Wish look like The Breakfast Club. Fallon proves himself as not just a writer but an actor with a genuine passion that keeps you riveted to the screen even after everything inside you demands you to turn away." -- Patrick Lussier, director (DRACULA 2000), editor (SCREAM, SCREAM 2, SCREAM 3)

"Deaden is a brutal, vicious, over-the-top homage to the classic 70's revenge thrillers like Death Wish toplined by a vengeful Bronson-esque John Fallon in a film destined for cult status" - Mark Altman, Cinefantastique/CFQ

You can read a lot more about the film on either the film's OFFICIAL SITE or its MYSPACE page. If you're a legitimate media outlet who wants to review the film, you can email the Arrow at [email protected] or even just a fan who wants to congratulate the bastard. Honestly, this man is one of the hardest working people that I've ever had the honor of working with, and even though I'm obviously biased in this (he's my best friend, after all), he f*ckin' deserves all of this success and I only hope that it continues for years to come.

Incidentally, it's to note that I am one of the executive producers on this film, but don't let the fancy title fool ya, I basically just invested in it, and not much else. Creatively, the film was entirely Fallon and Viel. I also have a 5-second cameo in the movie that's pretty funny, but apparently none of the reviewers are picking up my awesome acting talents, so my place at the head of JoBlo.com is safe...for now. Damn dude, I really gotta polish up those scripts that I banged out in college...they're just sitting there, collecting dust. If you're an agent looking for something original, email ME, dammit!!!



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