Deadpool 2 director praises Josh Brolin's Cable performance

Some may have wanted Stephen Lang or Pierce Brosnan to play Cable, but we got Josh Brolin, which was an inspired choice no one really thought of given his role as Thanos in the MCU. The Oscar-nominee has been beefing up and getting the right hair trim to play the part, and such commitment has resulted in a dream performance for DEADPOOL 2 director David Leitch and star Ryan Reynolds.

IGN was able to catch up with Leitch to talk to about the upcoming movie and Brolin’s work in it, and the director sang the highest of praises for the actor, saying how he’s everything they wanted and more:

When he graciously agreed to do the role, Ryan and I were through the roof; we love him. He's such a great actor, he brings a humanity to Cable, but he also has the depth of acting chops to hang with the comedy when needed. He's bringing that character to life in the short 12 days we've been shooting and I couldn't be happier.

The character of Cable is an intense one at that and isn’t quite the fun-loving, zing-spitting character Deadpool is. However, that serious translates into some pretty dead-pan humor and that brand of comedy is crucial to nailing the role, and from the sound of it, Brolin is bringing the goods in spades. DEADPOOL 2 has a lot riding on it, and hearing how much fun Leitch and the cast are having is a good sign things are going smoothly. We still have yet to hear much about Zazie Beetz’s Domino role, but I can imagine we could be hearing more shortly. She should just take a page out of Brolin’s book and show herself pumping iron at the gym.

DEADPOOL 2 arrives June 1, 2018.

Source: IGN



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