Deadpool 2 uncut version to screen at San Diego Comic-Con

Every year several big studios grace Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con and tease some of their most anticipated movies for the fans. Marvel and DC/Warner Bros. often lead the pack, but, sadly, Marvel Studios will not be in attendance this year, leaving a very big slot to fill. No one knew what would be taking its spot, but we can now confirm that none other than Deadpool will be coming to the rescue with a panel and an uncut, extended version of DEADPOOL 2 slated to screen.

News from SDCC (via Collider) is that DEADPOOL 2: UNCUT will be screening Saturday, July 21, at 10 pm at the Horton Grand Theatre, which comes after a panel with the cast and crew being held a few hours earlier in Hall H. Director David Leitch said this year that there was an extended cut of DP2 coming our way, but no one could confirm if it would be released in theaters or simply as a version to purchase on Blu-ray.  The latter seems the most likely, but for sure the movie will debut at SDCC.

This is great news for anyone afraid this year’s pickings may be a little slim out of Comic-Con, what with not only Marvel but also HBO bowing out of the event, meaning no AVENGERS 4 or GAME OF THRONES news. Warner Bros. still has lots to show, from an AQUAMAN trailer, and (perhaps) some footage for SHAZAM! and WONDER WOMAN 1984. However, the folks at Warner Bros. will have to really bring the ruckus if they're going to top Deadpool and even more of his crazy, R-rated shenanigans. 

Are you all pumped to hear about this new extended cut? I can only imagine how crazy this uncut version is given that the theatrical version already featured tons of shocking moments. I mean, were the deaths of the X-Force members more brutal than what we already saw? Hopefully, we will all get to see the version when the movie hits Blu-ray later this year because we all deserve to see just how far Deadpool can go with an "Uncut" label attached. 



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