Deadpool 2 writers talk about that shocking, A-list celebrity cameo


Don’t ever let it be said that the people behind the DEADPOOL movies don’t know how to craft a perfect meta gag, lest the speaker have their head lopped off their shoulders. DEADPOOL 2 is filled with references, fourth-wall breaks, and celebrity cameos, with one in particular shocking everyone. Now the writers share the funny story as to how it all came to be, including the actor’s one specific demand.

Writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese were talking with CinemaBlend about the cameo of actor Brad Pitt as the X-Force member Vanisher, and how he doesn’t make an appearance until he’s electrified to death on a telephone wire. They said the idea came about when Reynolds suggested they go big or go home, and of course, Pitt is as big as you can get.

Wernick: The cameo for Vanisher was last minute. You never saw Vanisher on screen in the original script, and then getting caught up in the electricity wires and seeing the sparks, and then Ryan had the idea, 'Oh my God, perfect celebrity cameo. Let's go after the hardest celebrity cameo we can get.' And that's Brad Pitt!

You would think that such a small cameo would cost the production an arm and a leg, which is a lot for a blink-and-miss-it gag. Turns out Pitt didn’t ask for much, with the duo saying he worked for union scale (which, per IndieWire, would be less than $1,000), and a cup of coffee.

Reese: We shot in about a half an hour. It was quite a production. It was like a full crew for a half an hour, and Brad agreed to do it for scale, plus a cup of coffee. And then he was really specific about the coffee - said, 'I want this exact coffee from Starbucks, and, Ryan, I want you to deliver it to me.'

Wernick: And Ryan did deliver it!

Reese: We got the coffee, Ryan came in and gave it to him. It was hilarious because he kind of forgotten that he asked for it. It was really funny. And then we shot it in about a half an hour.

Shot about a month and a half before the movie’s release during some additional photography, the scene had to be shot very under the radar. This meant Pitt has to be both brought in and taken out of the Fox lot in secret. No one besides the crew knew about it until the movie screened for viewers. Sneaky, sneaky indeed, lads.

This was a brilliant move by everyone involved and is so perfect because you may not even know its Pitt until someone tells you it is. I for one only had a “was that Brad Pitt?” feeling, only to have it confirmed later. The audience I saw it with didn’t react as if they realized it was him, but that will be a pleasant surprise for them when they find out later. Hell, they may even go years and never know. Won't they be - ahem - shocked! Okay, last one. 

DEADPOOL 2 is in theaters now!

Source: CinemaBlend



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