Deadpool crashes Japanese trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse

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There are pros and cons to being a movie-goer who lives in Japan. One of the bigger drawbacks is that you have to wait longer to see some of the bigger films you might be anticipating in a given year (they finally just saw the release of DEADPOOL as of June 1). But at the same time, you can catch wind from around the world as to whether or not any of those movies live up to the hype and are then worth seeing by the time they get to you. Consider the rest of the world a buffer zone that helps figure out which movies are good and which are not.

Take, for example, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Japan doesn't get the latest chapter of the X-Men Universe until August 1, which gives them plenty of time to receive ample warning about what's to come. However, 20th Century Fox is trying to combat that advance buzz (which is mostly negative) by allowing Deadpool to crash their marketing and hopefully lure Japanese audiences to the box office with his quick wit and sharp tongue. Corporate synergy at its finest. 

You have to hand it to Fox though... Deadpool has really worked out surprisingly well for them, not just as a box office entity but as a brand ambassador for all things mutant. Why not roll him out whenever you're in trouble? He's that axe behind the glass case you're supposed to break in case of emergency. I would hope they don't run him into the ground with overuse, but, for now, at least they're using the creativity that he affords them to try to sell product... and that's their job. 




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