Deadpool creator compares sequel to Aliens

When upcoming movie sequels are going through their promotion rounds we’ll often see them compared to other classic sequels that raised the bar from the first movie. The most oft-sighted title on the list is EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, as in, “If this first movie is A NEW HOPE, then this new one is EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.” Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld could’ve done the same thing when talking about DEADPOOL 2, but he decided to go with a bloodier sci-fi classic.

While speaking to THR about the upcoming movie, which dropped the first trailer yesterday, Liefeld equated the series to the ALIEN movies, saying that though the first one is great, the second one will take everything up a notch.

Deadpool was Alien. It's brilliant. It completely works. It's a masterpiece. Deadpool 2 is Aliens. It's when James Cameron came in and said, “OK you want me to do this? We're going to make it bigger, put in loads more action.”

Anyone who watched yesterday’s trailer (which is everyone except that one guy named Frank down the street) knows exactly what Liefeld is talking about. The first movie had a pretty modest budget as far as superhero movies are concerned, so the action scenes weren't so wide in scope and visual effects as many other modern superhero movies. But the sequel looks much larger, with moments set in the future, a big battle in a prison, the team about to leap from an airplane, etc. And we can only expect all of this to result in blood and guts spilling in delightfully grotesque amounts.

Biggers means better is a pretty debunked theory at this point. How many movies have we’ve seen that have tried to be me more massive in scale just to fall flat on their face? Too many movies is the answer. But as long as this movie can stick to the spirit of the first movie then the added action will be the cherry on top.

DEADPOOL 2 arrives May 18.



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