Deadpool tells Fred Savage a holiday tale in Once Upon a Deadpool trailer

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is coming this Christmas to bring some much-needed holiday cheer, but he’ll be doing it with far fewer dick jokes and not as much gratuitous nudity. In fact, there will be no gratuitous nudity in ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL, the PG-13 recut of DEADPOOL 2 that will be hitting theaters next month. In the film, Deadpool kidnaps beloved icon Fred Savage to regale him with tales of his adventures, whether he likes it or not. Strap yourselves in (Fred didn't have a choice) and watch the first trailer for the Christmas outing, which will be warm, and magical and fun and wholesome and will show those Disney bastards who’s – er, um – sorry. Got a little carried away.

The trailer for the Deadpool outing finds the Merc With the Mouth having kidnapped Savage so he can tell him the PG-13 version of Deadpool, “filtered through the prism of childlike innocence.” As Deadpool says, no one does childlike innocence like Fred Savage, so he will sit there and listen to Pool’s story with the look of unrepressed childlike wonder and magic, stopping him only to ask, “And then what happened, Grandpa Deadpool?!” The trailer also throws out some of that new footage, proving that there will be plenty here to justify heading back to theaters to see this retold tale. That and $1 from every ticket goes to Fudge Cancer (known as F**k Cancer, with a name change to play in line with the PG-13 angle), so this way you can get your entertainment AND be a good person at the same time. Isn't that what Christmas is all about?

ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL is in theaters from December 12-24.



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