Deadpool toys with spoilers, Hugh Jackman and TV Spots! Oh my!

In this day and age, highly coveted spoilers can come from any piece of marketing or merchandise a film has to offer, but DEADPOOL is not your average film. Still, DEADPOOL is not above other films when it comes to its action figures and Ryan Reynolds himself has located some toy sets he felt the need to repost, obviously because they hit way too close to the mark. It's unfortunate that some folks will discover these soon-to-be-classic scenes from toys first, but what can ya do? POTENTIAL MAJOR SPOILERS!

Click to embiggen:

While we're talking Ryan Reynolds, the man also uploaded this picture of him hanging out with Hugh Jackman. Sure it was for EDDIE THE EAGLE, but one hopes that his relationship was strong enough to bring about some sort of Wolverine cameo in DEADPOOL. A guy can dream, can't he?

Saw EDDIE THE EAGLE tonight! Probably the best underdog film I've ever seen. @thehughjackman and #taronegerton were BRILLIANT.

Now, not everyone is exactly hip to what DEADPOOL is all about, so if you're looking to bring your friends up to speed, we also have this insanely helpful infographic detailing the film's lead characters. The graphic below, arranged in a very eye-pleasing formation, will undoubtedly clear up ANY of your questions, so you'll know which characters to cheer for come February 12th. Take it all in, friends. Does anyone else want some milk?

That's it for now, but you can rest assured that we'll have plenty more DEADPOOL goodies to check out before the film's release. Fortunately for us, everyone involved with the film seems to realize the potential of the character and is absolutely nailing everything, marketing-wise. Will the movie live up to expectations? Will general audiences flock to theaters to check it out? Fingers crossed on both accounts! In the meantime, check out a couple of TV spots to get your fix! SKULLPOOPL!

DEADPOOL hits theaters on February 12, 2016.



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