Deadpool writers assure new movie will be "entirely" Deadpool's

With Cable casting news coming soon, and Zazie Beetz officially playing Domino, it seems like the lead of DEADPOOL 2, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is taking a bit of a backseat. I mean, this is kicking off a whole section of the Marvel universe fans thought they’d never see, so these new characters being involved is a big deal. Still, writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese want to assure people the sequel to the R-rated his will still be all about the red spandex.

While talking with IGN about this weekend’s LIFE, they were asked how they’re going to handle all the incoming characters, and if given the upcoming X-FORCE movie would DEADPOOL 2 be more like an ensemble feature:


Well again, it will entirely be a Deadpool movie, and these characters we introduce will have to come into that world and it will be our task to have them not overtake it.

Though this is good to know, Domino and Cable will still be playing big roles in the film, so it’s important the actors are on point, a goal Beetz is more than ready to meet:


There's this very wonderful alchemy that happens when an actor starts to read the lines that we came up with. She just really sparked, and it really just flew off the screen. I think that we now will be able to write with her voice in mind more, which always helps too. So yeah, I think you're right, it's a very exciting casting choice and we think it's going to pay off.


And she, you know, in the read and in the test she went toe-to-toe with Ryan and that's not an easy task, he's such a brilliant actor. She kept face with him and that's reason enough to see how that plays out over the course of the next movie and franchise.

They went on to talk about director David Leitch, who replaced Tim Miller when he abruptly left the project late last year. Reese went on to say that although Leitch’s style is different from Miller’s it’s not a total 180, but just enough to stand on its own. So settle down, ye unfaithful!

I loved Beetz on ATLANTA with Donald Glover, so I’m thrilled she’s getting such a massive platform to shine. Though I’m glad Reese and Wernick are remembering to keep the movie focused on Pool, I hope she gets a fair share of moments, of course leading into future movies. DEADPOOL 2 has a lot riding on it, but it seems everything is going smoothly.

LIFE arrives March 24.

Source: IGN



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