Deborah Ann Woll, Hailee Steinfeld and Dave Franco sign up for Rosline

ROSALINE has just found itself a cast, and it’s full of Hollywood up and comers, with one already having an Oscar nomination under her belt.

That would be “Best Supporting Actress” Hailee Steinfeld of TRUE GRIT fame (did anyone even WATCH that movie? Supporting?), who will play Juliet in the film, which shows the perspective of the girl, Rosaline, who Romeo leaves to be with Juliet.

That girl would be played by True Blood’s Woll, and Franco will presumably be Romeo. I guess his brother finally reached his upward limit on how many roles he could take on, and now finally a few have opened up for him.

The film is from the writers of 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, and will use modern day dialogue in 16th century Verona, kind of the opposite of ROMEO + JULIET I guess.

Extra Tidbit: Oh yeah, Dave Franco WAS in SUPERBAD, I forgot. I just know him from ACTING WITH JAMES FRANCO.
Source: Variety



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