Del Toro on Se7en

Guillermo Del Toro has been speaking to RottenTomatoes recently in a pretty sweet piece on the projects that he has turned down over the years. Of course, the most interesting what-if is:

"I rightfully said no to Se7en, because it was a great script but it was a very cynical view of the world. I loved it, I wanted to see it, but I'm a romantic, fat bastard and I don't subscribe to that view."

This is a totally true story: one time I picked up a chick at a bar and when we went back to her place the first thing she did was put SE7EN on. To this day I have no idea whether I should have been turned on by that or just plain petrified. There's also no real punch-line or interesting resolution to that story but in case you weren't aware; you are now: I'm a freaking player.
Extra Tidbit: The first corpse in SE7EN is actually writer Andrew Kevin Walker.
Source: RottenTomatoes



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