Deleted scene from Moana shows Maui in a fishy situation (accepts high five)

Disney has been on a roll recently with their live-action remakes of animated classics, Marvel and STAR WARS properties, and their new Disney animated movies which will become classics before being remade in live-action form. One of the movies they ended 2016 with was the animated epic MOANA, which made a ton of dough and earned some of the best reviews of any in their animated stable. Though it got asses in the seats, there’s plenty more the people attached to those asses didn’t get to see. Que Dwayne Johnson’s social media accounts!

Johnson, who voiced Maui in the movie, posted a deleted scene from the movie yesterday wherein he has a little trouble getting dinner for he and the heroine, Moana (Auli'i Cravalho).  It’s also prudent to note the scenes end with Maui turning into an eagle and flying off as he did in the first trailer, officially letting fans see a scene they were probably expecting in the final cut. Behold the silliness below!

Also notable in the post is the release date for the digital version and Blu-ray of the movie. We reported on this the other day with some news of a sing-along version, but now we have some cover art for you below, but sadly no special features updates. The world is unfair.

I can see why the clip was cut. It’s a little too silly for my palate, and I can’t really see it fitting anywhere in the movie. But why am I complaining? Kids would love I’m sure so there’s no real reason to think it should appeal to me.  It’s also helpful to note I am intolerant towards fish. They just swim around and mock us all…what with their gills and such.

MOANA goes onto digital platform February 21 and Blu-Ray March 7.

Source: TwitterBlu-Ray



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