Demand Meat Train

If you didn't catch MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN in the theaters, it's probably because... it never really played in theaters.

But if you're itching to see Vinnie Jones whack unsuspecting subway riders with a huge mallet, now you can. The movie is currently available via On Demand service from your local cable provider, courtesy of FEARnet, and will be available online later this month. The hazards of commuting, just in time for Halloween.

The movie, based on a short terror tale by Clive Barker, stars Bradley Cooper (ALIAS) as a photographer who becomes infatuated with Jones and his below-ground butchering hobby. Leslie Bibb, Roger Bart (HOSTEL II) and Brooke Shields also appear. Japanese import Ryuhei Kitamura (VERSUS, AZUMI, GODZILLA FINAL WARS) makes his Hollywood directing debut with the carnage.

(I actually caught the movie the other night and certainly thought it was decent enough to deserve a better release.)

Extra Tidbit: This isn't the first time Bibb has been hosed on horror -- she also appears in the endlessly delayed TRICK 'r TREAT.
Source: FearNet



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