Demi still acting

Around the time CHARLIE'S ANGELS 2 came out, we were led to believe that Demi Moore was making a huge comeback. Watch out world! Here comes Demi! But despite looking good on the red carpet, she hasn't done much of anything since. HALF-LIGHT? FLAWLESS? MR. BROOKS??? Undeterred by a string of disappointments, Moore is back at it, signing on to two new projects. First she'll star alongside Parker Posey in HAPPY TEARS, an indie drama about a woman (Posey) who returns home to deal with her bitter sister and demented father. Guess who plays the bitter sister?! Afterwards she'll move on to BUNRAKU, a SIN CITY-esque film starring Josh Hartnett and Woody Harrelson. The film will include puppets, origami, video games and German expressionism. I don't mean to sound judgmental but, what the f*ck?? If it makes you happier, Moore will play an enslaved concubine. I suppose you could do worse than to have Demi Moore as your concubine. Filming on TEARS will begin this month in Philadelphia while BUNRAKU will shoot in Europe later this summer.

Extra Tidbit: As a producer, Moore made some serious cash on the AUSTIN POWERS franchise.
Source: Variety



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