DeNiro is a producer

Robert DeNiro Robert DeNiro has signed on to star in Barry Levinson's Hollywood insider comedy WHAT JUST HAPPENED?. Based on producer Art Linson's memoir in which he details navigating the often perilous waters of Hollywood, the film will center on two weeks in the life of a washed-up producer (DeNiro) as he tries to not only get a movie made but hang on to the last remaining fragments of his dignity in the all too soul crushing world of show business. Sean Penn and similar stars are expected to cameo in the film in a comedy that apparently strives to "do for moviemaking what “Wag the Dog” did for politics." Which is what, exactly? Change the way we look at Hollywood? And isn't THE PLAYER generally acknowledged to be the standard by which all other Hollywood inside dramedies are based? Is that what this movie is trying to be? A modern-day PLAYER? Better than THE PLAYER? Either way, production is set for early March after DeNiro finishes work on Tim Hunter's MICROWAVE PARK. He can currently be seen in the CIA drama THE GOOD SHEPHERD and has the fantasy adventure STARDUST coming up.

Extra Tidbit: Producers of the upcoming video game based on Michael Mann's classic drama HEAT hope to get DeNiro to participate.



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