Denzel Washington brings the pain in Equalizer 2 trailer

Denzel Washington has been having a good two years or so with his Oscar-nominated work in movies like FENCES and ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ., but now it’s time for him to get back to kicking ass. He does just that in the first action-packed trailer for THE EQUALIZER 2 from director Antoine Fuqua. The trailer finds Washington’s Robert McCall on the hunt for someone who killed his friend (Melissa Leo), forcing him to get brutal and violent. Would you have it any other way? 

The first movie was a solid action thriller, but for me to try and recall it in its entirety would a fruitless effort. I'll have to revisit before seeing this new movie, which sports some brutal kills and a noticeably larger scope than the first film. Washington still has what it takes to make a thrilling action hero, and I will gladly watch him punch faces and break limbs in the name of justice!

THE EQUALIZER 2 arrives July 20.

Source: Sony



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