New Equalizer 2 trailer finds Denzel Washington exacting justice

Denzel Washington’ Robert McCall is ready to do what no one else will in the new trailer for THE EQUALIZER 2, and that includes everything from cleaning up graffiti to beating up a bunch of bros in a hotel room for abusing a young woman. While in those instances he’s simply doing what he thinks is right, McCall goes full scorched earth on some punks who do something vicious to someone he cared about. These fools are in no way prepared for his casual demeanor followed by precisely-timed punches.

There's not much more in here about the story, but given it seems like a straight-up revenge tale the plot is pretty graspable without much detail. What will make people turn out for the movie is Denzel checking suckers off his list, and the trailer shows him doing plenty of that. The first movie is a solid action-thriller with Washington turning in great work as always, so with the sequel, I'll be satisfied with more of the same. 

THE EQUALIZER 2 starring Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Bill Pullman and Melissa Leo and directed by Antoine Fuqua arrives July 20. 



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