Denzel Washington is back in action in first poster & images for Equalizer 2

Retired CIA black ops operative Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) will soon be returning to dispense more hard-hitting justice to those who deserve it, and the first poster from THE EQUALIZER 2, as well as a handful of images, have arrived. Sony Pictures got the ball rolling on a sequel to THE EQUALIZER months before the first film was even released, and thankfully their faith in the movie was rewarded as THE EQUALIZER wound up taking in close to $200 million worldwide. In addition to these new images, the first trailer for THE EQUALIZER 2 will arrive tomorrow.


We still don't know all all that much about the upcoming sequel, but hopefully tomorrow's trailer will remedy that. In addition to Denzel Washington, THE EQUALIZER 2 will also star Pedro Pascal, Melissa Leo, and Bill Pullman. Antoine Fuqua returned to helm the film, which makes THE EQUALIZER 2 the first sequel of both Fuqua and Denzel Washington's career. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the trailer!

THE EQUALIZER 2 will hit theaters on July 20, 2018.

Source: Fandango



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