Denzel Washington set to star in crime thriller Little Things

Denzel Washington, Little Things

Denzel Washington's next project would have seen him stepping behind the camera once again for JOURNAL FOR JORDAN, but according to Variety, the actor seems to have reconsidered that as he's currently in talks to star in LITTLE THINGS for Warner Bros.

The crime-thriller will find Denzel Washington starring as a Kern County deputy sheriff named Deke who teams up with Baxter, a crack LASD detective, in order to bring down a wily serial killer. Deke's nose for the "little things" proves eerily accurate, but his inability to play by the rules forces Baxter into a soul-shattering dilemma. Deke also happens to be haunted by a dark secret from his past. There, I think that's checked all the "talented yet tortured" detective tropes off the list. John Lee Hancock (THE HIGHWAYMEN) is slated to pen the screenplay for LITTLE THINGS and is also being eyed to direct the film as well, but a deal for that particular gig hasn't yet closed. Production on LITTLE THINGS is expected to begin this summer and it's said that Warner Bros. will be looking for another A-lister to star alongside Washington.

As I mentioned before, Washington is also looking direct JOURNAL FOR JORDAN, a drama based on the true story of journalist Dana Canedy's relationship with First Sergeant Charles Monroe King. While serving overseas, King kept a journal full of poignant life lessons for their newborn son, Jordan, but was killed in Iraq when Jordan was just seven months old. Michael B. Jordan (BLACK PANTHER) recently signed on to star in the project, but it's not clear when it will begin now that LITTLE THINGS seems to be moving forward first. Washington had been weighing several options for his next project, but Variety states that a recent meeting with John Lee Hancock led to him choosing LITTLE THINGS as his next.

Source: Variety



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