Departed 2 talk

There were rumblings recently (specifically from the mouth of Mark Wahlberg) that THE DEPARTED was potentially on the sequel track, with the amusingly abrasive Sgt. Dignam taking center stage in another Boston crime movie. Any truth to that?

Not much, if THE DEPARTED writer William Monahan is concerned. The Oscar-nomiated INFERNAL AFFAIRS adaptor told Collider his opinion on the matter: "People are talking about a sequel, but the reality is that I could propose 'Untitled Boston Crime Picture' and sell it for more than I’d get for a sequel. I’m not putting the screws to anybody, I'm stating a fact. The commodity has transformed." He also states that he doesn't think the Hong Kong sequel and prequel to INFERNAL AFFAIRS have much material that could translate to more DEPARTEDS, but does admit he'd love to bring back Wahlberg's character.

Monahan spills more info about his process and upcoming list of projects, read the whole deal RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Brad Pitt had originally planned to star in THE DEPARTED -- the movie was set up through his production company Plan B.
Source: Collider



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