Depp loves Youtube

Johnny Depp is a millionaire. He has a hot french wife. He has his own private island. He has a pretty sweet job, too. So what does the man who seemingly has it made in the respective shade do for fun? Why, he watches YouTube of course! In the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair, Johnny Depp and writer Douglas Brinkley visit Little Hall's Pond Cay, Depp's private, 45-acre Bahamian island, and spend their time...you guessed it, watching YouTube.

In the piece, Depp graciously shows his guest his six favorite clips on the popular content-sharing site over the course of their tropical excusrsion. The only difference is that rather than watch YouTube alone in the dark with the white glare of the screen painting his face, Depp watches his YouTube on a giant flat-screen TV while eating scrumptious meals prepared by the yacht's onboard chef. Ya, me too. Check out Johnny Depp's six favorite YouTube clips HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Any good YouTube recommendations on your end?
Source: Nymag



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