Depp want Sin

Is that title an incredible word play or what? He wants in... to Sin City... want Sin... Geddit?

Apparently, both Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp want into SIN CITY 2. As you know, both have been involved with Robert Rodriguez in the past, with ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO, and it transpires they both want some time in front of the green screen.

Wallace, a brooding artist, who after being drugged repeatedly finds himself hallucinating through much of the story 'Hell and Back' could be the role Depp plays, as Rodriguez says that "(Depp) was interested in doing the Jackie Boy character (played by Benicio Del Toro)... But there is a better role for him in ('Hell and Back'). I kept going, 'Gosh, Jackie Boy is a small part, he could be really good (as Wallace).' When he wasn't available, I thought maybe it was meant to be."

Banderas, also went on to say "I'll do anything in that. I'll be the hunchback. You have to bring me onboard, that looks amazing." Rodriguez and Miller are apparently now going through the characters to find one that Banderas can play.
Extra Tidbit: One of the guns used by Hartigan in SIN CITY is a Beretta M93R, which are used in in the RoboCop movies. Frank Miller wrote ROBOCOP 2 and 3.
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