Descent 2 director

In past interviews, writer-director Neil Marshall didn’t seem too eager for more spelunking with savage creatures, but it looks like he’ll be quite involved in a sequel to his trouser-soiling terror flick THE DESCENT after all.

While pimping his upcoming post-apocalyptic action flick DOOMSDAY at the UK FrightFest, Marshall stated he wouldn’t direct THE DESCENT 2 (I refuse to type it as DE2CENT, because it’s stupid). But Jon Harris, his editor from THE DESCENT (in addition to SNATCH and LAYER CAKE, among others), would be behind the camera for his directing debut for more cave horrors. Marshall said he “will be overseeing every aspect of the production,” and that the script is currently in the works.

No word on the possible story or how closely tied to the original it’ll be, but considering Marshall’s close involvement, it should be claustrophobic and shit-ripping scary. Marshall had previously indicated that THE DESCENT’s bloody heroine (and… survivor?) Shauna MacDonald was interested in returning in some capacity, but that may no longer be the case.
Extra Tidbit: Marshall has promised R-rated bloodshed in DOOMSDAY. Let's hope it gets through the censors...
Source: Fangoria



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