Deschanel Divorces

Zooey Deschanel and Chloe Sevigny have signed on to star in the indie comedy DIVORCE RANCH. Michael Lindsay-Hogg (LET IT BE) will direct. The film is set in Nevada just after WWII, when a quickie divorce could be granted after residency was established. Sevigny will portray an actress who comes to the ranch with her 6-year-old son so she can then marry a wealthy man. Deschanel will play her assistant. I'm not sure where the comedy will be coming from, but as per most Zooey Deschanel movies, I'll be less interested in the plot and more interested in those incredible, soul stirring, all consuming eyes of hers. There's no word on what Deschanel assists Sevigny with, but I'm assuming it has to do with peering into the souls of others and revealing their deepest darkest secrets. I actually heard that in the uncut version of the bible God stares into Deschanel's eyes for inspiration before creating Man and the Earth.
Extra Tidbit: Apparently Deschanel is a huge fan of Parker Posey. Now if we can't get them in a film together. They could do the sequel to BLONDE AND BLONDER, only it would be called CUTE AND CUTER and it wouldn't be a piece of shit.
Source: Variety



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