Development Hell!!!

If your 're on this site, the chances are you're a fiend for upcoming movie news. The prospect of stumbling on this website and reading about your favourite novel getting optioned by a major studio, or your favourite actor landing the role he was born to play, is the reason you get up in the morning. Because admit it, you have nothing else. I don't.

So what happens when a site like ours announces something like 'Mike Myers is set to star in DIETER, based on his popular SNL character, to be directed by Jay Roach' and then five years later here we are and Myers is working on Shrek the 9th? The chances are that the movie got bogged down in something the film industry likes to refer to as 'development hell,' when a film just can't get off the ground because the stars simply aren't aligned. So many factors go into making movies, especially those of the big-budget variety, that is everything isn't in place, it can collapse like a house without proper foundation during a tornado.

Premiere.com, otherwise known as what's left of Premiere Magazine, has been kind enough to gather a list of 20 movies burning away in development hell, along with providing us with some of the reasons they're trapped in the inferno of the unmade. Some of the films on the list I hope get promoted to development heaven are A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES and THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF KAVALIER AND KLAY. Are there any 'whatever-happened-to' movies you can think about? Click HERE for the list.

Extra Tidbit: The blurb about THE ONION MOVIE mentions a JoBlo.com reader who actually saw it and said it made him want to poke his eyes out. Are you out there Schmoe?
Source: Premiere.com



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