DeVito goes Crazy

This is an entirely true story. Back in my pre-teen years, a friend and I were sitting around one bored, hot summer. We wanted money to buy comics so we started looking for ways to earn some cash. Digging around his garage we found a lifesize cardboard cutout of 80s commercial mainstay Crazy Eddie. We took that cutout, a Polaroid camera and stood on the corner of a major thoroughfare and offered people a photo with Crazy Eddie for $1.

While that gives you a window into my insanity, it also serves as a reminder just how popular Crazy Eddie was in his heyday (more than a few people stopped to take us up on our offer). While I thought that his notoriety and popularity was limited to the NYC tri-state area where his stores were primarily located, a biopic based on the legitimately crazy life of Eddie Antar is in the works. Danny DeVito is set to direct and produce CRAZY EDDIE based on a script by Peter Steinfeld (21). The film will follow Antar's rise to a multi-millionaire and his fall from grace when a stock fraud scheme caught up with him. Antar wound being sentenced to eight years in jail and was forced to pay over $150 million in fines. No word yet on when filming might begin.

Extra Tidbit: The guy in the commercials is not Antar himself but an actor hired for the part.
Source: Variety



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