DGG Gets Freaky

After the success of PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, David Gordon Green can essentially write his own ticket in Hollywood. Because of his art-house background, having directed films like ALL THE REAL GIRLS and UNDERTOW, Green is clearly someone who prides himself on producing interesting work, even if sometimes it's just a straight up stoner jam.

That's why I'm confident that he's a guy who won't slink down the path of useless Hollywood drivel, and instead continue to do work that challenges both him and audiences alike. That being said, Green's genre-hopping will continue with FREAKS OF THE HEARTLAND, a film he has just signed on to direct for Overture films. Based on the graphic novel by Steve Niles, the horror thriller is about the horrible secret of a rural Middle American town which involves a boy's attempts to protect his "monster" of a 6-year-old younger brother and other town "freaks" from their parents' worst instincts. Who want's to bet that David Gordon Green will literally kick the shit out of this heap of awesomeness? I'm in for five.
Extra Tidbit: If you haven't seen ALL THE REAL GIRLS go out and rent it--especially if you've been cheated on.
Source: THR



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