Diablo Cody and The Evil Dead remake


As we previously reported, Diablo Cody (JUNO) has been brought aboard the Sam Raimi/Bruce Campbell production of THE EVIL DEAD remake, and she knows she's in for it. Speaking to Collider during an interview for her new film YOUNG ADULT, Cody seemed to want to reiterate just how much she understands what makes THE EVIL DEAD work. 

"I wouldn’t have even gotten involved if Sam [Raimi] and Bruce Campbell hadn’t been involved as well, they’re producing it, and so of course I was like “Alright I have to do this” because I’m such a fan of the original, and the whole original series in fact. But I was nervous to take the job because I thought “Ugh, I’m gonna get shit for this. People are not gonna like this, because all people know of me is like Juno and they think I’m gonna pollute Evil Dead with like wacky dialogue and cute stuff and folk music, and it’s like “No, look I understand what this is. I’m interested in storytelling here and making it scary and good and true to the original.” I feel like people will hopefully see Young Adult and go “Oh, okay that’s a horrifying movie maybe she could pull it off (laughs).”

So no worries, folks- Ash won't be calling any deadites "homeslice".

When asked about whether she added any violent scenes of her own- "Because the director’s draft was really scary, I tried to stay away from some of the big horror set pieces. I didn’t wanna mess with his vision, because he’s the one who ultimately has to shoot it. That being said, there is a moment near the—I mean it’s unbelievably violent (laughs). Occasionally I threw in a wound here or there. I didn’t write anything extravagant."

Cody's not even sure if her draft was the final one commissioned by Lionsgate but it does appear that the film is moving forward, thankfully under the watchful eyes of the original creators. More as we hear it.

Source: Collider



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