Diablo's Sweet Valley?

Sweet Valley show DVD cover

Since JENNIFER'S BODY didn't crash & burn as badly as her detractors would've liked, Diablo Cody is still alive and well in Hollywood, and moving on to her next project.

The tattooed screenwriter apparently pitched an adaptation idea for the 152-book strong series SWEET VALLEY HIGH to Universal who are now negotiating for the rights with the lady attached to write and produce.

No matter how one feels about Cody, she does have a knack for writing teenage girls, which is pretty much what the books are about. Can't say I ever read them nor ever will, but I do know about the mid-90s tween soap it inspired, though - crappy as it was, Brittany Daniel was still quite the looker!

Those stories center on twin sisters living in the titular city. Who go to high school there. And who probably will sport a strange slang in their conversations. Any fans of the books (or show...) care to pitch in?

Extra Tidbit: Where the heck IS Brittany Daniel these days???



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