DiCaprio Lies?

Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to star in BODY OF LIES, an adaptation of David Ignatius' novel that Ridley Scott will direct. The film would star DiCaprio as CIA agent Roger Ferris, who was reaassigned to Jordan after being wounded in Iraq. He becomes obsessed with stopped any further attacks and concocts a scheme to turn the terrorists against each other using planted suspicion that their leaders are collaborating with Americans. As you might expect in movie world, things don't go quite that smoothly. Schemes, shmemes. They should've just gotten Jack Bauer. The movie would reteam DiCaprio with Academy Award winning writer William Monahan (THE DEPARTED) who will adapt the novel for Warner Bros. While DiCaprio hasn't fully signed the deal he's already made room for it on his schedule making the negotiations seemingly a formality. Scott, who recently wrapped AMERICAN GANGSTER, is already scouting locations and getting the film ready for a fall start. DiCaprio would segue to LIES after wrapping REVOLUTIONARY ROAD with Kate Winslet.

Extra Tidbit: Ignatius is a journalist turned novelist, which gives me hope that I'll eventually sell my manuscript "Captain Vortex: Interstellar Missions From The 14th Jungle of Death."
Source: Variety



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