Did Matt Damon have an "abs double" in True Grit?

If you've seen TRUE GRIT, you probably had a few things on your mind after the movie. One was probably concerning that member of Ned Pepper's gang who had an...unusual way of communicating. Another, if you stayed through the credits, was why exactly did Matt Damon have an "Ab Double?"

A Buster Coen was credited in the film as "Mr. Damon's Ab Double" even though Damon's LaBoeuf is never seen shirtless. So what gives? At a recent TRUE GRIT Q&A, Damon was asked about his "ab double" and he spilled the beans.

As you might know, the Coens are fond of goofy little nods in their credits. Whether it be the fictional editor Roderick Jaynes or the nod to Prince in the FARGO credits, they always seem to have a lot of fun even after the movie is over. Turns out, that sense of cheekiness extends throughout the Coen family. Buster is an actual person and the 15-year-old son of Ethan Coen and wife Tricia Cooke. Buster was working on set as the assistant to the script supervisor but, as Damon says, didn't think that title sounded very cool. So his dad and uncle asked him what he'd like to be credited as and he came up with "Ab Double."

So if Matthew McConaughey is ever looking for someone to add to his entourage, he might want to give Buster Coen a call.

Extra Tidbit: Why do I have a feeling we'll be seeing a Buster Coen film at Sundance in about 10 years?



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