Die Hard 5 has a director! And it's... Noam Murro?

Detective John McClane isn't nearly done saving his wife, kids, country and species from thieves and terrorists. DIE HARD 5 is on the way, and now has a director supposedly hand-picked by star Bruce Willis himself: Noam Murro.

Murro (SMART PEOPLE) has been attached to a number of projects over the years, including THE RING TWO and an update of Hitchcock's classic STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (based on Patricia Highsmith's novel). But Murro is probably best known as a commercial director who caught gamers' eyes with his HALO spots like the one below.

Popular (in Hollywood, anyway) writer/rewriter Skip Woods (THE A-TEAM, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE) will work on the script for the Fox movie. The story is still in development, so there's no word as to what coincidences Willis' cranky cop might be dealing with or which (if any) of the franchise's established characters will be back. Feel free to speculate.

Extra Tidbit: Recent rumors claimed we'd be seeing yet another member of the Gruber family.
Source: Deadline



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