Die Hard bonuses!

Well, DIE HARD 4.0 is about to come to DVD and on top of unleashing the awesome in homes across the world, the thing might change the face of the DVD market. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is set to take the unprecedented step of including an additional disc with the Special Edition of the fourth DIE HARD flick, which comes with an electronic copy of the movie that can be played on computers and select portable video players. Mike Dunn, the division's worldwide president had the following to say: "We're looking at this as giving the consumer a whole other experience, with an emphasis on choice and ease of use," Dunn said. "There's downloading, which takes 45 minutes to an hour, and managed copy, which I never liked because it involves moving the movie off the disc and onto something else, which also takes forever. With Digital Copy, the file is formatted to go across and onto your computer and mobile device, so it's already a small file -- a rocket file that plays beautifully."

So what do you guys think? DIE HARD 4.0 or LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD was surprisingly good, so I'm sure you were all intending on getting the thing anyway. As for how great this new feature is? The prospect of getting the film on portable video players sounds good, although I'm always wary of the word 'select'... What do you guys think?



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