Die Hard UK Trailer

Is John McClane the coolest action hero of all time? Could he kick Superman's ass? Who knows? All we know for sure is that DIE HARD 4.0 (as it's known in the UK) looks absolutely amazing. The American trailer that we've all seen makes pretty much no sense and tells you pretty much nothing about the plot except this: this movie is going to be badass (oh and something about computers). The plan for the trailer must have looked like this: explosion, punch-line, close-up, explosion, Maggie Q, explosion, explosion, punch-line, explosion. And then just to top it off; Kevin Smith. I'm not a huge Kevin Smith fan and I don't really know that much about the guy, but I know if he were to die tomorrow I bet it would be with a smile on his face, because he got to be in a DIE HARD movie.

Anyway, take a look at the U.K. trailer HERE because it's got a ton of extra footage, some more dynamite one-liners, and it actually gives you a little insight into the storyline. Happy trails!
Extra Tidbit: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Simpson were both interested in playing John McClane's son/daughter respectively.



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