Different footage peppers the new Snow White and the Huntsman TV spots

SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN was the last movie I expected to be excited about this summer, but the trailers have been very well put together and exude a feeling of epic scale.

Two new TV spots have made their way online and both feature new footage not seen in the theatrical trailers. Both still keep Kristen Stewart as quiet as possible and focus on Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron.

This looks to be the best performance from Theron in quite a long time. She is perfectly evil as Queen Ravenna and hopefully they are saving some of the best scenes for the theater going audience.

The rumors have existed since the earliest stages that Universal was looking to make this into a franchise. I could not see how Snow White could stretch over multiple films, but the filmmakers have reimagined the story in such a way that is almost feels that they could diverge and tell new stories featuring epic battles and other magical creatures.

We will find out for ourselves when SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN opens on June 1st.

Extra Tidbit: I want to see more of the dwarves. Especially Ian McShane and Bob Hoskins.
Source: YouTube



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