Dimension gets Road

I have to admit this (though the literati will want to string me up by my Buster Browns), but I didn't really enjoy Cormac McCarthy's "The Road." Yes, I know it won the Pulitzer Prize and the Oprah prize and probably countless other prizes I'm not even aware of, but it just didn't work for me on any level. Yet despite that, while reading the book, I couldn't help but feel it would make a great movie. And here we are... 2929 Productions and Dimension Films are teaming up for a feature adaptation of McCarthy's novel. You may have heard the rumors that Viggo Mortensen is attached to star in the film but as of now, no deal has been struck and his participation is still up in the air. Should he sign, Mortensen would star as a father leading his son to civilization through a post-apocalyptic world. John Hillcoat (THE PROPOSITION) will direct from a script by playwright Joe Penhall. If you're looking for more McCarthy adaptations, you'll obviously want to check out the Coen Bros. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, which hits theaters this October.

Extra Tidbit: McCarthy made an appearance on Oprah's show, which was his first TV appearance ever.



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