Dinosaurs finally have something to say in new THE GOOD DINOSAUR trailer

So far the dinosaurs in the latest film from Pixar - THE GOOD DINOSAUR - have remained silent as we've seen glances of some pretty incredible animation. But leave it to an international trailer,with a heavy Spanish influence, to pull back the curtain a tiny smidge and clue us in on what these prehistoric characters have to say and offer up some idea of what this film is really about.

As many Pixar films seem to be, THE GOOD DINOSAUR looks like it's another adventure about getting back to the place you rightfully belong and how you change along that journey. The TOY STORYs are built on that principle, WALL-E, UP, FINDING NEMO... you name it, it's one of those themes that keep popping up. And who can blame them for going back to said well over and over again? The films are all good, and we keep getting emotionally invested in the trip. So, if it ain't broke, and you can keep putting fresh spins on it, why fix it?

THE GOOD DINOSAUR shows up in theaters on November 25.

Source: Pixar



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